V-Bay Festival 2010
21st - 24th October

V-Bay Treasure Trail Competition

V-Bay Treasure Map

To win win a three day break in Ventnor for up to five to be taken (subject to availability and excluding Christmas and New Year) before the end of March 2011 you need to answer the questions below which will take you on a gentle trail through Ventnor from the picturesque Bonchurch village to the world famous Ventnor Botanic Gardens.

The prize consists of:

The Questions:

1. In what year was "The Old Church" in Bonchurch established?

2. What was built at great expense by the community for the use of Queen Victoria but never actually used by her?

3. In Ventnor, in Spring Hill, can be found the Heritage Museum. What is written on the large sign there which overhangs the Fire Escape?

4. Where in Ventnor can you find the Tourist Information point?

5. In which House that overlooks the Eastern Esplanade in Ventnor did Edward Elgar, the composer, spend his honeymoon?

6. On the famous Isle of Wight Map in the paddling pool, how many island towns are featured?

7. According to the plaque set in the floor of the "bandstand" on Ventnor Eastern Esplanade, how far is the town from Barcelona?

8. Above the Western Esplanade is La Falais. Beyond the car park can be found the Town's name set into the bank. How many concrete blocks have been used to form the letter "T"?

9. In Ventnor Park adjacent to the putting green is a Swiss-style cottage. What is its name?

10. Amongst the fabulous tropical plants in the Ventnor Botanic Gardens, what symbolic American Indian monument can be found?

When you have answered all of the questions please fill in your name, e-mail address and a contact telephone number before clicking on the submit button. Closing date is October 31st 2010. One winner will be selected at random from the correct entries in November.


Artwork: Simone Whitehurst
V-Bay Festival